Aude – UriellActaea

Classic Selfportrait 03 - UriellActaea, 2D Artist and Illustrator

Hello! I’m Aude, 27 years old, French, and soon-to-be freelancer.

After graduating in Maths/Computer Science and in Fashion Marketing, I worked in the Fashion Industry for over 5 years. I’m passionate about art; I learnt how to use photoshop at a young age and have always spent as much time as possible creating visual art pieces.

I specialize in Illustration, 2D art, photography, picture editing, and costume design. I’m self-taught in all these fields and still learning by weekly practice.

In 10 years I’ve taken part of over 100 photoshoots, created over 30 costumes and cursed my editing softwares more than I could count. I drew my first fantasy comics at 10 and never stopped drawing.

In my spare-spare time, I’m a RPG gamer, a DnD Dungeon Master in my homebrew campaign, a cat lover and a travel addict. Let’s get in touch!