Selfportrait - UriellActaea, 2D artist and illustrator
Selfportrait Illustration of UriellActaea

Hi! I’m Aude, aka Uriellactaea, welcome to my brand new website and blog! Here you’ll find more information about my creative process in art, illustration, costume design, cosplay, and photography.

In this blog, I’ll post behind the scenes, tutorials, tips, and a lot of details about my current works. Feel free to leave a comment with your suggestions! But before that, let me introduce myself.

I’m 28, french, and above all, an artist. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been drawing. My father’s hobby was painting and I would watch him for hours. I learnt how to scan my drawings and color them on Photoshop at 10 and I drew my first comics at 13.

Fond of scientific subjects at school, I dropped art for Maths after high school in 2009, and I discovered at the same time a brand new passion for fashion and photography. I modelled for over 5 years and took part in many photoshoots as an assistant, then as a photographer and art director.

My passion for textiles led me to a Fashion Marketing course and to work in the Fashion Industry. My work always involved a creative input and allowed me to embrace the visual impact of a brand as a whole: merchandising analyst, e-commerce coordinator, webmerchandiser, photoshoot supervisor, product manager…

I came back to art in 2016 as a hobby, tried digital painting for the first time and spent more and more time training everyday until I realized creating was the most important thing to me. I threw myself into complicated projects, in costume design, new methods of creation, and I’m still learning something new everyday.