Silky Blue – HellPunky’s photoshoot

As my project as a freelance artist is getting clearer and clearer, I’ve been struck by the idea that I should renew my whole portfolio. And such a thing involved updating my photography portfolio.

Silky Blue 01 - Photoshoot with Hell Punky - UriellActaea, 2D Artist and Illustrator

After graduations, I often worked with young fashion designers, helping them with their runways shows and photoshoots. I immediately fell in love with textile and photography; following a fashion course on the side and shooting costumes every months for years. I was first a model for about 4 years. Then I learnt the basis of photography and assisted photographers during shooting and managing the art direction. In order to expose my skills as a multi-disciplines artist, I now needed to update my portfolio.

For that, I asked a few friends back from my model’s days if they would be okay to partake in a photoshoot. For everyone who answered, every photoshoot is tailored to what they are comfortable with. I reached out to HellPunky for a beauty/fashion shoot.  I wanted to take a portrait in automny/winter colors with foliage in the background and was not disappointed. HellPunky is an adorable model to work with, and it was a pleasure to get back at photography with her.


The Process

After booking HellPunky for a shooting, we shared together a private inspirational Pinterest board so we could see each other’s expectations and ideas for the photoshoot. Confident in her taste in clothes and make up, I let HellPunky choose an outfit and her accessories. It was first planned that she would do her own make up since she’s trained in that field, but a make up artist friend of her took good care of her. In the meantime, I visited parks to find the best public place where I could find the background I was looking for.


Silky Blue 03 - Photoshoot with Hell Punky - UriellActaea, 2D Artist and Illustrator

The Photoshoot

As for almost every single artistic meeting, something went wrong: we did not plan the park I chose was crowded the day we planned the shoot! Thanksfully and despite us being one hour late, we found the perfect shooting spots in the park. The whole shooting lasted less than two hours and we managed to use the low light of the setting sun for nice glows and contrasts.

Equipment: Nikon D60 + Nikkor Nikon lens 50mm 1.4. No flash, natural light
Model: HellPunky
Make Up Artist: Audrey Crépin
Photography and Picture Editing: UriellActaea
Location: Marseille, France





Silky Blue 05 - Photoshoot with Hell Punky - UriellActaea, 2D Artist and Illustrator