2019-2020 cosplay list

What to expect in 2019 and 2020 for personal projects? Aside from all my illustrations and drawing projects, I try to lead at least one cosplay project per year. Be prepared as I have two of them coming for 2019 and at least one for 2020!

Cosplay to do list 2019 - UriellActaea, 2D Artist and Illustrator

All my upcoming cosplay for 2019 and 2020 are from the Dungeons and Dragons game series Critical Role! In 2019,  I’ll roam around MCM London Comic Con in October dressed as the pirate Captain Avantika and with a formal dress for the Ruby of the Sea! You’ll find a picture of the designs I’ve planned on the side. Finally for 2020, in order to celebrate The Legend of Vox Machina animated series (congrats on the Kickstarter btw), I’ll be the one you loved to hate: Delilah Briarwood…

The Ruby of the Sea version 2.0: formal wear

I LOVED being the Ruby of the Sea last year and I decided I will continue! For MCM london Comic con in October, I’ve been invited by Critters to take part to a group of formal Mighty Nein and Vox Machina. Then I chose that I’ll do a more formal dress for the Ruby, matching the color code Matthew Mercer gave us in the description of the Ruby!

Marion Lavorre will wear a mousseline long formal dress in deep purple. The dress will feature bishop sleeves and a double-slits skirt. A sapphire stone will be sewn to the collar of the dress. Golden pearls and chains will add a few details to the dress. Finally, I’ll wear an underbust corset in golden tones to match and make the hips pop.

Captain Avantika

I was in love with the Captain Avantika as soon as Matthew Mercer introduced this villain. She’s glamour and dangerous, redhead… and has a french accent. For Avantika, I’ll wear a long open coat, sleeveless, in blue tones, with golden buttons and details. The lining will be gold and navy blue. I’ll wear long gloves up to the elbow. I will probably wear a shirt with long billowing sleeves underneath in order not to catch a cold in October; but no sleeves for a photoshoot. I’ll wear a big red scarf to hid the bodypaint of an eye on the chest. The corset will be mint blue and gold. I’m still hesitating between a red skirt of just a scarf around the hips. I’ll then wear leather pants and knee-high boots to finish the look. There will be a tricorn hat with red feathers and eyes embedded on the side.

2020: Delilah Briarwood

The best villain from the first campaign will be back in 2020. Expect another article once I’ll have chosen her design, inspired from Victorian gothic clothing!

What about you? What are your 2019 and 2020 projects so far?